Cardiff UHW Porphyria Diagnostic Service

University Hospital of Wales (UHW)

The laboratory provides a comprehensive analytical and clinical advisory service and has a research interest in all the porphyrias. The analytical service comprises both biochemical porphyrin analysis and genetic investigation of all the genes responsible for porphyrias. CPA accreditation has been achieved with the Department of Clinical Biochemistry and there is a full programme of quality assurance. Recent introductions to the assay repertoire include mutational analysis of the coproporphyrinogen oxidase gene. Enquiries and comments on any aspect of the service are welcome and a booklet describing the services in detail is available on request or can be downloaded from the Cardiff Porphyria website.

The clinical service includes both an outpatient service and joint care of inpatients in collaboration with Dr A Freedman, General Physician, UHW where necessary.

The group also collaborates with the *Welsh Medicines Information Centre (WMIC) to maintain up to date information on drug safety in the acute porphyrias (safe drug list available on website).

Director: Dr M Badminton
Tel: 029 2074 6588

Deputy Director: Dr S Whatley

Department of Medical Biochemistry and Immunology,
University Hospital of Wales
Heath Park,
CF14 4XW

DNA Laboratory: 029 2074 2811
Biochemistry Laboratory: 029 2074 3565
Fax: 029 2074 8383

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