Clinical Use
Diagnosis of the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome (gastrin-producing tumour).

Patient Preparation
After an overnight fast, take blood (10 mL) using a syringe and needle.

H2 blockers should be stopped for 72h, and omeprazole for two weeks, before blood is taken.

Sample Preparation
Samples to be sent to Guildford:
Plasma sample prepared as below will be analysed but serum is also acceptable as other gut hormones are not measured by the Guildford laboratory. Send 2 mL serum.

Samples to be sent to London (Hammersmith):
Transfer the blood (10 mL) to a heparin tube (do not exceed 20 U/mL blood) containing Trasylol (aprotinin, 0.2 mL, 2000 kIU). Mix by inversion. Place on ice and transfer to the laboratory. Separate the plasma in a refrigerated centrifuge. Freeze the plasma at -20C within 15 min of venepuncture. Visible haemolysis invalidates the result. Send plasma (5 mL) to the SAS laboratory. Ensure the sample remains frozen during transport. Record on the SAS request form the patient’s serum calcium and urea levels, a list of all drugs currently administered, details of any gastric surgery the patient has undergone, basal and stimulated acid output.

Reference Range
Please contact the SAS laboratory.

Centres offering this assay
Royal Surrey Hospital Peptide Hormone Laboratory
London Imperial Charing Cross Hospital Endocrine Laboratory

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