Insulin Antibodies

Clinical use
1 Investigation of hypoglycaemia associated with antibodies to either endogenous or more commonly, exogenous insulin (particularly animal preparations).

The presence of antibodies can cause impaired glucose tolerance and attacks of reactive hypoglycaemia.

2 Detection of insulin autoimmunity can be useful in the assessment of the early stages of diabetes mellitus.

Patient preparation
Take blood (10 mL) into a plain vacutainer or syringe either during hypoglycaemia (where this occurs) or after an overnight fast.

Sample preparation
Transfer the blood to a plain tube and separate the serum promptly. Store at -20C and transfer to the SAS laboratory in the frozen state.

Reference range
A positive result is abnormal although a semi-quantitative estimate of antibody titre will be provided.

Centre offering this assay
Guildford RSH Peptide Hormone Laboratory

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