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The SAS centre for Cardiovascular Biomarkers is based in the Lipid Laboratory, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust. The Department has a long-standing interest in the management of lipid disorders including familial hypercholesterolaemia.

The Director, Dr Devaki Nair, is the clinical lead for lipids and cardiovascular risk prevention. Her special interests include antiretroviral drug-induced hyperlipidaemia, familial hypercholesterolaemia and cardiovascular risk factors in South Asians.

The Deputy Director, Mr Jahm Persaud, is a Principal Grade Biochemist in charge of the Lipid and Renal specialist section of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry. He has a long-standing interest in lipoprotein metabolism in renal disease. His current interests include familial hypercholesterolaemia, lipoprotein(a) and HDL subclasses.

The Department, in collaboration with the Genetic Knowledge Park, is taking part in the Department of Health funded project for comparison of DNA testing for FH with traditional diagnostic methods.

Director: Dr Devaki Nair, +44 (0)20 7472 6694
Deputy Director: Mr Jahm Persaud, +44 (0)20 7794 0500 x 8849

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