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This laboratory is a joint NHS/ Academic Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, where it provides a full Clinical Biochemistry service to the hospital, and is part of the Cambridge University Clinical School. The NHS Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Addenbrooke’s has held full CPA accreditation since 1993 and provides three services for the SAS:

1) Referred thyroid function tests. The department provides a comprehensive suite of biochemical and genetic tests for the investigation of unusual thyroid function tests including thyroid hormone resistance, familial dysalbuminaemic hyperthyroximaemia, ‘macro-TSH’, anti-thyroid antibodies and thyroid binding inhibitory immunoglobulin. New results are reviewed at a weekly MDT meeting so appropriate clinical advice can be provided. Please contact the lab for further information ( and use the request card provided.

Download our Thyroid Function Request form

2) Severe insulin resistance. We provide an integrated clinical, biochemical, immunological and genetic service for patients with severe IR and support the NHS Severe Insulin Resistance Service.

We have expertise in identifying and characterising both genetic and acquired, immunologically-mediated forms of severe IR and LD, and have developed diagnostic algorithms incorporating biochemical triage and genetic testing. We are able to provide advice on both diagnosis and management, and written patient information literature. Clinical discussion prior to targeted testing is strongly recommended to ensure the highest diagnostic yield (

3) Investigation of macrohormones – we offer gel filtration analysis where appropriate for the investigation of hormone:immunoglobulin complexes, particularly macroprolactin and macro-TSH.

The SAS laboratory complements the research activities of the two directors:

Prof Chatterjee (Referred Thyroid Function Tests)
Genetic and Molecular Endocrinology, with particular emphasis on the role of nuclear hormone receptors in human disease.

Prof O’Rahilly (Severe Insulin Resistance)
Mechanisms of Human Insulin Resistance and Molecular and Pathophysiological Mechanisms in Obesity

Director – Thyroid Service: Professor VK Chatterjee

Director – Severe Insulin Resistance: Professor S O’Rahilly

Director: Professor VK Chatterjee
Deputy Director: Dr DJ Halsall

Dept. Clinical Biochemistry
Addenbrooke’s Hospital
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Tel: +44 1223 217156
Fax: +44 1223 216862