Leeds SAS Steroid Centre

St James’ University Hospital

The Leeds SAS Centre for Steroid Hormones is a core component of the Leeds and Bradford Laboratory Endocrinology service. The laboratory moved from Leeds General Infirmary to St James’ in March 2012..

The fundamental policy of the Centre since 1974 has been to develop, validate and maintain a wide repertoire of steroid assays using in-house extraction with RIA end-points. We only use assured supplies of in-house or purchased antisera which have been selected after critical evaluation. This approach ensures that the characteristics of the assays are fully known and are maintained long term. We are currently providing testosterone and vitamin D assays by tandem mass spectrometry.

Our current SAS menu includes:

  • 17a -Hydroxyprogesterone (Plasma/Serum/Saliva)
  • Aldosterone (Plasma/Serum)
  • Androstenedione (Plasma/Serum)
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (DHEAS) (Plasma/Serum)
  • 5a -Dihydrotestosterone (Plasma/Serum)
  • Oestradiol – optimised for low concentrations (Plasma/Serum)
  • Plasma Renin Activity
  • Urine cortisol

It has always been considered a priority that senior staff are readily available at all times to give interpretative advice and accurate information in response to any enquiries.

Deputy Director: Dr Stephen M Gibbons

Email: stephen.gibbons@nhs.net

SAS Steroid Centre
Specialist Laboratory Medicine
Block 46
St James University Hospital
Beckett St

Tel:+44 (0)113 2064717