London Imperial Charing Cross Hospital Oncology Laboratory

The department was established in the early nineteen sixties by Professor K.D. Bagshawe to develop effective treatment of choriocarcinoma based on hCG measurement. Since that time we have gained an international reputation in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment, acting as a referral centre for the treatment of Germ-Cell tumours using hCG and aFP. We are the largest of three UK centres funded by the Department of Health for the management of Hydatidiform Mole. Uniquely, we are an oncology laboratory located within a clinical oncology department, with full access to the required expertise.

We aim to provide the clinician with the complete picture of marker levels and our comprehensive reporting system produces real-time graphs with up to four markers at one time. Together with an analysis of the rates of change in a marker level, information can be obtained about success of treatment or rapidity of tumour growth.

Professor M SecklDirector: Professor M Seckl

Dr Richard A HarveyDeputy Director: Dr Richard A Harvey

Medical Oncology Laboratory,
Charing Cross Hospital,
Fulham Palace Road,
W6 8RF

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