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ICHNT Hammersmith Hospital

Two SAS laboratories were established at Hammersmith Hospital in 1973, within the Department of Metabolic Medicine headed by Professor S Bloom. Gastrointestinal hormones are measured in Professor Bloom’s internationally renowned research laboratories. The unit also provides a referral service for endocrine tumour localisation and therapy and has many areas of endocrine research.

The remaining SAS analytes are measured in the Division of Biochemical Endocrinology as part of a fully comprehensive immunoassay service, comprising over 30 hormones and related analytes. The Division’s interest in bone metabolism dates back to the 1960’s when, under the leadership of Iain McIntyre, pioneering work on PTH and calcitonin was performed. Staff of the Division hold a wide spectrum of research interests including bone metabolism, reproductive endocrinology and andrology, antibody production and immunoassay development. The Division is also committed to teaching and provides training fellowships in immunoassay development and andrology on behalf of international agencies.

Director: Professor SR Bloom
Deputy Director: Dr RS Chapman

Hammersmith Pathology Centre
G Block
North Corridor
Hammersmith Hospital
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