London King’s College Hospital Erythopoietin and Steroids Service

The Clinical Biochemistry department is CPA accredited and contains SAS laboratories for trace metals, porphyria investigation, erythropoietin and for steroid profiling.

The erythropoietin assay service has been established for over 5 years and samples are received nationwide. The assay is a two-site chemiluminescence immunoassay automated for use on the Nichols Advantage® Speciality System. The assay is performed weekly with a turnaround time of 7 – 10 days. Interpretation of the results is given where adequate clinical information is provided. Areas of special interest include haematological and renal disorders.

The steroid profiling service grew out of research begun at the Clinical Research Centre, Harrow over 25 years ago and has been provided for the SAS and based at King’s for the last 9 years. Close contact is maintained with neonatologists and paediatric and adult endocrinologist colleagues.

Current research activities include many aspects of human steroid endocrinology and also development of the rat as a model for human disorders affecting steroid metabolism.

Deputy Directors: Dr Joanne Marsden, Dr N Taylor

Dept of Clinical Biochemistry,
King’s College Hospital,

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