Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Trace Element Laboratory

The Trace Element Laboratory has been associated with the Supra Regional Assay Services (SAS) since 1974. We are a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) approved laboratory for the industrial monitoring of lead and cadmium in blood.

We are accredited under UKAS, and participate in Quality Assurance Schemes to ensure the reliability and quality of our results. The laboratory subscribes to the NEQAS, TEQAS and SAS External Quality Assurance schemes.

All analysis has been performed by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS) since 2003. The laboratory provides a comprehensive analytical range of elements and an advisory service.

The aim is for a fast turn-around time of 5 working days or less for all elements. We have experience of analysis in blood, plasma, urine and tissue; we offer measurement of both copper and iron in liver biopsy tissue.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of our service.


Dr Carys Lippiatt

Email:         carys.lippiatt@nhs.net,

Tel:             +44(0)113 20 64852

Deputy Director:

Dr Liz Fox

Email:         Elizabeth.fox4@nhs.net,

Tel:             +44 (0)113 20 64860


Tel:             +44 (0)113 20 64760

Address for samples:

Trace Element Laboratory
Specialist Lab Services

Block 46

St James’s University Hospital
Beckett Street