Southampton University Hospital Trace Element Laboratory

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

The SAS Trace Element Unit is part of the Division of Laboratory Medicine at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and has UKAS ISO 15189 accreditation, as well as approval by the Health and Safety Executive for the occupational monitoring of lead.

We use inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) to measure an extensive (33 in total) range of trace elements and stable isotopes in biological fluids. These include chromium, cobalt, copper, mercury, selenium, iodine, lead, titanium and zinc. We also use coulometric titration for the analysis of sweat chloride.

Performance is monitored by participation in several External Quality Assessment Schemes to cover our repertoire.

This comprehensive analytical repertoire is coupled with a clinical advisory service for patient management.

We also have a long track record in collaborative research in both clinical and environmental studies investigating the biological importance of Trace Elements.

We offer robust analytical methods with fast turnaround, appropriate for the clinical situation.

Laboratory Director: Dr Paul Cook, MBBS MSc PhD MRCP FRCPath
Section Lead: Mr John Stevens MSc

Trace Element Unit
Division of Laboratory Medicine LD59 Level D SAB
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Southampton General Hospital
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Tel: +44 (0)23 8120 6675