Clinical Use
Evaluation and management of patients treated for thyroid cancer with surgery and radioiodine, and receiving thyroid hormone therapy.
Measurement of thyroglobulin is of no value in the initial diagnosis of thyroid cancer. After ablative surgery, thyroglobulin levels do not discriminate between the presence of normal thyroid tissue and tumour unless thyroid hormone replacement is given. Serial measurements in such patients aid in monitoring for possible recurrence.

The effect of endogenous antibodies to thyroglobulin on the thyroglobulin assay are variable.  Interference in the assay may result in falsely negative thyroglobulin results (immunometric assays, Newcastle, Cardiff) or false positive result (radioimmunoassay, Birmingham). IMA-RIA discordance may indicate interference in either or both assays.

Patient Preparation
None. Take blood (5 mL) into a syringe or red topped vacutainer.

Sample Preparation
Transfer the blood to a plain tube. Allow to clot at room temperature, avoiding haemolysis which, with lipaemia, can produce spurious results. Send serum (2 mL) to the SAS laboratory by first class post.

Reference Range
Please contact the SAS laboratory.

Centres offering this assay
Cambridge Addenbrooke’s Hospital Endocrine Laboratory
Newcastle Royal Infirmary Endocrine Laboratory
Birmingham University Hospital Endocrine Laboratory
Cardiff UHW Hormone and Steroid Laboratory

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