Cardiff UHW Hormone and Steroid Laboratory

University Hospital of Wales (UHW)

The Supra Regional Assay Service (SAS) is part of the Endocrine Section in the Department of Medical Biochemistry at the University Hospital of Wales. There are strong links with the Cardiff University School of Medicine with regular review of cases, service development and research. The SAS diagnostic service includes an advisory function performed and co-ordinated by the director, supported by Clinical Associates who are expert endocrinologists. In addition to the SAS Service we provide a comprehensive endocrine service at a local and regional level. The laboratory services are UKAS accredited and there is a full programme of quality assurance.


The SAS designated assays offered are:

17a-Hydroxyprogesterone Serum

17a-Hydroxyprogesterone Saliva

17a-Hydroxyprogesterone blood spot

Insulin and C-peptide


                                                                           TSH receptor Stimulating Immunoglobulins ((TSI)


In addition, non-SAS specialist endocrine assays undertaken in the laboratory include urine metanephrines and various steroid hormones by LC-MS/MS. 


Director: Dr Carol Evans

Tel: 029 20 748367


Deputy Director: Mrs Sarah Tennant



Dept of Medical Biochemistry & Immunology
University Hospital of Wales
Heath Park
CF14 4XW